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Sometimes being a kid is not easy. School can be really hard and the pressure of getting into a good school started way before you thought it would. Friends can be there for you one day, and the next be mad at you for no reason. Sometimes they may start to experiment with things that scare you: alcohol, sex, even drugs. Being on Twitter and Snapchat makes you feel like you have to stay connected at all times and sometimes it makes you forget about homework. You may feel that you’re alone in how you feel. But the truth is…YOU’RE NOT ALONE.

Finding a parent or adult in your life to discuss these things with is super important. And while it may be difficult to sit down and discuss these issues with them, it will help to get things off your chest, and maybe even give you some insight on what to do.

Here are some steps to set yourself up for success when beginning to talk to an adult in your life…Remember some things will be out of your control, but here’s what you can do to control the situation.

1.  Pick a person

– Put some thought into who you may feel more comfortable talking to. It may be a parent, aunt, teacher, or coach, but  make sure it’s someone you trust to give you the right advice.


2.  Pick a place

– This is important if you have siblings or a busy parent. Pick somewhere where you know it will be just you and them and they can’t really wander off. A busy restaurant, or even a walk in the park.


3.  Pick a time

– Again, make sure the adult is able to focus on the conversation. Parents have a lot on their minds all the time, and while they may not mean to do it, its hard to focus on just one thing. Make it so they are not in the midst of cooking dinner or fixing something at home. Get their attention on you.


4. Watch your moods

– Don’t allow yourself to get too upset or sad during the conversation. You may be discussing a topic that makes you AND your parent uncomfortable so remember to stay calm. You set the tone for the conversation, and if you stay steady and listen to what they have to say it will make for a peaceful talk.


5. Follow up

– Your parent may not know exactly what to say initially. Its uncharted territory for the both of you, so as long as it’s not a time-sensitive issue you may need to give them a day or two to think about how to respond. But its your job to let them know your serious about wanting their help. Make sure you bring it up again. Not only will this give them time to respond but it will make them know you want their help and open the gates for more conversations like this.


ADDITIONAL SUPPORT – If you feel like you can’t talk to your parents or an adult about what you’re going through, and you feel you or a friend need help now, here are some resources for you. There is help available.

Help Hotlines

MAHONING COUNTY 330-747-2696 or 211

COLUMBIANA COUNTY 330-424-7767 or 1-800-427-3606
*East Palestine, Beloit, Sebring, and Western Columbiana County

ASHTABULA COUNTY 1-800-577-7849

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